Find the right tado° setup for your home

How do you want to control your heating?

How do you want to control your heating?

..and many more.

Market leader

tado° is the European market leader in intelligent and manufacturer-independent heating control.

For every heating interface

The Smart Thermostat supports every interface type (e.g. BUS, analogue, relay) and is designed to work with heating systems of all ages. It can also be retrofitted.

12 months money-back guarantee

We guarantee that you will save energy and costs. Save within the first 12 months, or get your money back.

Easy setup

DIY installation

DIY installation

You can easily install tado° on your own with the intuitive step-by-step online installation guide. You simply replace the old room or radiator thermostats with tado° Smart Thermostats.

tado° Starter Kits

The Starter Kits for radiator or room thermostats provide you with everything needed to get started.
Each Starter Kit contains the Internet Bridge, which once connected to the router, connects your tado° devices to the internet and your smartphone.

Smart Thermostat Starter Kit (V3+) works with

Smart Thermostat Starter Kit (V3+) works with

  • own heating system in single-family homes
  • Gas heating
  • Underfloor heating in single-family homes or apartments
Smart Radiator Thermostat Starter Kit works with:

Smart Radiator Thermostat Starter Kit works with:

  • Radiators in single-family homes and apartments, regardless of the heat source (e.g. gas or oil burner, heat pump or district heating)

Add-ons - Expand your setup:

You can enhance your comfort and savings potential of your home by adding additional Smart Thermostats to the Starter Kit.

Add-on: Smart Thermostat

Add-on: Smart Thermostat

To control multiple heating zones, or rooms with underfloor heating.

Add-on: Smart Radiator Thermostat

Add-on: Smart Radiator Thermostat

To control additional radiators.

Add-on: Extension Kit

Add-on: Extension Kit

Replaces traditional two channel programmer enabling hot water control, or serves as a wireless receiver for the Smart Thermostat.

Frequently asked questions

  • My heating system is quite old/new - is it supported by tado°?

    Sure it is! tado° was deliberately designed to work with almost any heating system, whether very old or very, very new. Be it a 30 year-old gas boiler, or a state-of-the-art heat pump, tado° is unique in Europe because of our manufacturer-independent compatibility. If you have any questions, our customer service will be happy to help you.
  • Which heating systems does tado° support?

    tado° is compatible with all major manufacturers, such as Vaillant, Buderus, Viessmann, Junkers and Br?tje,. We can therefore be connected to almost any heating system, regardless of how old the heating system is, and whether radiators or underfloor heating was installed. You can find more information about the supported systems and radiator valves here. You can also try our products, risk free, for 30 days. If you have any questions, our customer service is more than happy to help you.
  • What separates tado° from other manufacturers?

    Our Smart Thermostat connects to a multitude of heating systems, including systems with analog or digital interfaces, and is therefore the most compatible heating control available in Europe. tado° doesn’t just send a call for heat, it can also receive information, error codes, and operating data from the heating, and analyses these to optimise the operation of the heating system.
  • Is tado° guaranteed to work with any heating system?

    Over the years, tado° products have been installed on numerous heating systems all over Europe, from Norway all the way to Greece. This is how we know that tado° is compatible with 95% of the heating systems currently in use in Europe. And we are here to help - if you ever need assistance during an installation, you can message or simply call our technical experts.If you are unhappy with tado°, you can return your products within 30 days of purchasing them online from us. On top of that, there is the tado° Energy Savings Guarantee: If you feel that you haven’t saved enough within the first year of using tado°, you will be refunded the purchase price after returning the products with a copy of the receipt to us. It’s that simple. More Energy Savings Guarantee information
  • What happens if the internet connection is lost temporarily?

    You will always be in control of your heating with tado°, even when there is no internet connection available, over the interface on each device. The internet connection is only needed for the control via smartphone or web app.
  • Need more help? Please visit our Help Center.