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The Smart AC Control V3+

The tado° Smart AC Control replaces your existing remote control and connects to your Wi-Fi - without additional wiring. If you want to control several devices with tado°, you need a tado° Smart Air Conditioning Control for each device.

Smart Thermostat – Starter Kit V3+

Everything to get started: The tado° Smart Thermostat is easily installed, connects to the internet and is ready to intelligently control your heating.

Smart Radiator Thermostat – Starter Kit V3+

If you only have radiator valves, you can make your heating intelligent. Just replace your old valves with tado° Smart Radiator Thermostats and connect them to the internet via the included tado Internet Bridge. Voilà!

Be in control

tado° lets you control your heating or air conditioning anytime, from anywhere via the app.

Stay comfy

tado° helps you to control and maintain a comfortable temperature in every room of your home.

Save energy

tado° heats or cools only when needed. So you cut down your energy use by up to 31%.

Control hands-free

tado° lets you control your heating and AC with voice commands via most smart speakers.

Save money

tado° cuts down your energy use and costs. And if you think you haven’t saved enough, you get your money back.

Live sustainably

tado° helps you to make a difference. Cut down your energy use and take a step towards a sustainable future.