Internet of Things


What is the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is all about connecting everyday objects with the internet, which become smart because of this.

Objects can be defined as smart, if they consist of sensors, software systems or data memories, which enable a data exchange with one or multiple other smart devices. This structure enables data to be available at the right time in the right place.



The home of the future

tado° makes your home environment smart. The focus is on proceedings and systems, which enables a smart connection and control of devices in someone’s own home - the result is an intelligent IoT-networked building.

tado° is constantly evolving to incorporate the latest trends in smart home technology - since 2012 tado° has been connecting heating systems with the internet and makes their control even smarter. Since June 2015 it’s also possible to intelligently control air conditioners with the innovative Smart AC Control.

Smart Home
tado° product's features

What is the connection of tado° with the Internet of Things?

tado° concentrates on the intelligent control of heating systems and air conditioners.

With the Smart Thermostat and its mobile app the heating system will be connected with the internet and can be controlled in an intelligent way. The smart heating control of tado° considers weather forecasts and individual building characteristics to set the optimal temperature.

The same applies to the Smart AC Control for air-conditioning systems. This completes the circle of the Internet of Things.


The benefits of the IoT (Internet of Things)

  • Households and companies can significantly reduce their energy costs with the Internet of Things. With the tado° heating control you can cut your heating bill by up to 31%.
  • Apart from the cost savings the Internet of Things guarantees significantly lower energy consumption and the efficient use of resources. The intelligent heating control of tado° automatically turns off the heating when the last resident leaves the building and turns it back on when it detects the first person returning home.
  • Especially in the field of smart living, the connection of devices offers an increased quality of life plus more comfort. tado° regulates your heating and air-conditioning systems automatically without any action on your part.
  • The connectivity and data exchange of smart devices simplifies your life.
  • Devices can be remote-controlled by a central control unit - e.g. a mobile phone - and can thus be connected to the internet at any time, in any place. With the tado° mobile app you can control and regulate your heating or air-conditioning system in the most flexible way.
  • With the Internet of Things you are always up to speed. Products are continually improved and developed by upgrades (apps, firmware etc.).

Are you interested in the Smart Thermostat for your heating system?

What are the major challenges of the Internet of Things (IoT)?

The Internet of Things opens up new possibilities and makes our life easier by the connection of smart devices. Despite the numerous advantages, the IoT also poses several challenges. tado° manages to overcome these hurdles in a very intelligent way.

User-friendly hardware and software

The best technology is worthless if it isn’t user-friendly. With the self-learning thermostat, tado° offers its customers hardware and software that automatically controls your heating system. tado° does all the work for you, so you can relax. It’s your personal heating assistant.

Data protection

The biggest reservations about the IoT is data protection. tado° sets the highest demands when it comes to the protection of personalised data. The communication of the devices at home, the servers and the mobile units is conducted exclusively over a secure and encrypted data connection. Similar procedures are implemented in online banking.


Rapid growth

of connected devices

From computer, smartphone or tablet to the Smart Thermostat or the Smart AC Control of tado°. The development of IP-capable connected devices will continue to grow up in a rapid rate.

Internet protocol - the identity of smart objects

Each object must have its own IP address to facilitate communication with other smart devices.The internet protocol IPv6 helps to meet the need of new IP addresses. Also tado° uses IPv6 as a standardised procedure for data transmission.

Be a part of the future - make your home intelligent

tado° leverages the potential of the Internet of Things and helps you to connect your home with the Smart Thermostat and the Smart AC Control. Use the benefits of the Internet of Things and control your heating or air-conditioning system easily with tado° and its mobile app.

Smart Thermostat

  • Makes your heating system smart
  • Automatic control via geolocation
  • Saves up to 31% on heating costs
  • Download the tado° App for free
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Smart AC Control

  • Makes your air conditioning smart
  • Automatic control via geolocation
  • Saves up to 40% on AC costs
  • Download the tado° App for free
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