Cut your heating costs by up to 31% with tado°

Over 30% of the world's energy consumption stems from the heating and cooling of buildings.

Heating accounts for 60% of the average household's energy bill.

That's 980 € per year

...and it mainly comes down to ancient heating technology.

That’s why we developed a truly smart heating control.

In 2016 tado° users saved the same amount of energy that 130 wind turbines can produce. As a tado° user you play your part in protecting the environment, whilst saving up to 31% of your heating costs.

Secure your first class energy label (ErP) today with tado°
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* Savings are based on an analysis of the current customer base. In addition a scientific study conducted by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics (IBP, Holzkirchen, Germany) proved an energy savings potential of between 14% and 26% depending on the scenario considered. It is showed that the greatest factor determining savings is with presence detection and savings of up to 24% could be achieved. In addition to the presence detection further savings of up to 7% could be achieved due to the weather forecast function. The study can be downloaded here.

tado° energy savings guarantee

Save or get your money back within the first 12 months.

Our Promise

We at tado° believe in our products and guarantee that they will help you save energy and costs.

Risk-free Trial

If at any point you are not convinced, or tado° hasn’t saved enough during the first year, you may return the product and get a full refund.


Applies to all heating products purchased or rented after September 01 2016. Smart AC Control, Smart Thermostat Starter Kit (v2), Connector Kit (v1) are excluded.
Date of purchase not more than 12 months ago.
Minimum of 6 months use.

How it’s done

Whether you purchased your tado° in our online shop or via one of our retail partners, the process is always the same:

Step 1

Step 1

Contact our support team and box the complete & undamaged tado° product + copy of the original receipt

Step 2

Step 2

Ship it to tado° Germany

Step 3

Step 3

Get your money back

It is not required to provide additional documentation (bills etc.) regarding energy consumption. We trust you!

For further information, please read our help center article.

tado° pays off

… for tenants and home owners as both will benefit from the savings. Are you a tenant? Simply replace your old thermostat.

It doesn’t matter what your living situation is, tado° pays for itself within the first year. In five years a 150 sq m house with four residents saves almost 6.000 €.

Frequently asked questions

  • How does tado° save energy?

    tado° saves energy, and therefore money, by turning the heating down automatically when the last person has left home. On top of that, tado° adapts your heating profile based on the characteristics of your your home, which it learns over time, as well as the local weather forecast. With tado°, it is possible to heat more efficiently all the time, even when you are at home. If you feel that you haven’t saved enough within the first year of using tado°, we will refund you the purchase price after you return the products with a copy of the receipt to us. More Energy Savings Guarantee information.
  • Is tado° the right solution for underfloor heating?

    You will save with tado° even with heating systems that respond slowly, such as underfloor or wall heating. Because tado° adjusts your heating profile according to the weather forecast and the characteristics of your building, it will avoid needlessly heating when the sun is shining (predictive control) for example. On top of that, tado° calculates the ideal reduced temperature specifically for your home when you leave, so that the building never cools down completely. All of this helps you to save a considerable amount of energy, even with underfloor heating.
  • How can I save up to 31%?

    In a scientific study by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics, the energy savings potential of tado° products was determined to be between 14 and 26%. The study showed that the greatest factor that determines the savings potential is the location-based control, with which savings of up to 24% can be achieved. A further saving of up to 7% can be achieved by including the weather forecast. If you still aren’t convinced, you can try tado° with our Energy Savings Guarantee for one year - risks free.
  • Need more help? Please visit our Help Center.