EU energy labelling for heating systems is here!

  • Transparent comparison of heating systems for end-customers and installers
  • Promotion of efficient heating systems
  • Increasing awareness about efficient energy use

Secure your first class energy label now with the tado° Smart Thermostat

What is the EU energy label?

Starting September 26th 2015, a new EU ecodesign directive will take effect (ErP / Energy-related-products).

Boilers and heating systems will be labelled in the same way as fridges and dishwashers. Hence the ErP directive will ultimately make it easier for end users and installers to choose the most efficient products, helping to reduce carbon emissions and energy costs.

Temperature control classes

To determine the efficiency of a heating system technical specifications of its components have to be included. The temperature controller will be associated with a class based on its functionalities and the other installed components. The class is incorporated in the calculation of the label.

Due to its unique features and modulating control tado° always ranks in the highest temperature control classes (up to VIII).

Other internet-connected thermostats will be ranked in lower classes. You can find the respective classification in the table below.

Choose heating system components and add tado° as temperature controller (thermostat).

Consult a professional installation company to have temperature control class and efficiency classification (label) calculated.

Benefit from an energy efficiency class of up to A+++!

The new ErP Directive means that tado°'s Smart Thermostat always ranks in the highest temperature control classes which boosts the overall efficiency rating of your heating system. A no brainer for those that want to improve their energy performance and reduce their bills

Alec Morrow | Integrated Heat Ltd. | London, UK

  • Highest temperature control classes.
  • Easy installation
  • Pays for itself in the first winter