Intelligent heating control with tado° and Apple HomeKit

Build your smart home

Connect with HomeKit

Open the Home app to add a new accessory and scan the HomeKit code on the Internet Bridge.

Assign Thermostats

Assign each Smart Thermostat to its room within the Home app.

Create Scenes & use Siri

Manage multiple devices based on different scenes or talk to Siri to control any device.

"Siri, set temperature in living room to 22 degrees"

Create scenes

“Good morning”

  • Heating to 22°C
  • Open shades
  • Start coffee machine
  • Turn on lights

“Hey Siri, change bathroom temperature to 25°C”

Frequently asked questions

  • How does tado° work with Apple HomeKit?
    Every change within the Home app or with Siri will be treated as a manual input from your Smart Thermostat. Please note, that you have to be at home to do changes with HomeKit. For remote access an Apple TV (4th generation) is required. Learn more
  • Are my tado° products compatible with Apple HomeKit?
    With the new Internet Bridge all of your Smart Thermostats will be compatible with Apple HomeKit. The new Internet Bridge is included in all Smart Thermostat - Starter Kits (v3) and all Smart Radiator Thermostat - Starter Kits. Learn more

Don’t have a Smart Thermostat yet?

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